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The challenge in today’s global and highly competitive markets are much high and one need to perform with upmost quality and professionalism. We at ACMT College ensure that each student is give right industry exposure & skill development to meet the high end corporate expectations. The dedicated Corporate Resource Cell (CRC) continuously on the job learning opportunities to students through live projects, research assignments, competitions, management games/ quizzes, industrial training, guest lectures, conferences and seminars. We also follow a stringent for Soft Skills Development & Corporate Communication which indeed is the upmost requisite to be in any industry.

The dedicated team helps bridging the gap for students between their campus and corporate life. It encompasses development of overall personality, communication skills, corporate etiquette and grooming while instilling right attitude towards leading and working in a team with professional ethics and time management skills. Projects are an integral part of the academic curriculum. The students are given opportunity to undergo Summer Internships with different organizations which provides them with basic understanding of the company’s operations; this ultimately enhances the adaptability of students at large & enables a student to evaluate his/her own interest in the company and thus identify an appropriate fit, both for summer internship and final placements.

ACMT Management College is committed to offer good career opportunity to each student though excellent teaching and placement support and expect every Asianite to rise high in their career and make all of us feel proud.

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